Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring is here, the days are longer and everything is growing in my garden. I sowed seeds at the weekend - chili peppers, tomato, aubergine, cucumber and dark red hollyhocks. We visited  the Isle of Wight from Sunday to Tuesday. Walking along the coastal path from Shanklin to Lake we passed several lovely gardens. In one there was a selection of small plants for sale with a note asking for the money to be posted into the letter box. What a lovely way to share plants from a garden. I bought a cowslip, a blue summer flowerering iris and two digitalis obscura - the willow leafed or dusky foxglove.

I  bring my garden indoors with flowers and greenery sharing the kitchen window sill and worktops.

I always enjoy visiting the Derrys Field Allotments in Woking. Here are some pictures of their Open Day.


  1. I've enjoyed looking over your posts and also wanted to thank you for faving my blog. Your daughter's home in West Bend is about 45 minutes from us. We are enjoying a very early spring but I'm a bit nervous if it should turn cold on us... plants are really coming out of dormancy rapidly. Larry

  2. Dear Maureen, I was so glad to see your 'face' on my blog! You are back! So nice to see you blogging again! I hope you are having nice March!
    I like this blue and yellow flower combination on the pictures. See you around!

    1. Dear Tatyana
      Thank you for your good wishes. Its good to be blogging again
      I love your Kenyan roses - beautiful colours
      Best wishes