Sunday, 20 September 2009

A Sunday in September

Another warm sunny day - I've trimmed the edges of the borders, watered the pots, harvested peppers and salad leaves and sown more salad. I've been sowing salad leaves and herbs in large pots which I keep in the greenhouse away from the deer and rabbits. I harvest with scissors when they are still seedlings and this has been very successful.

Mixed parsley seedlings

Peppers, nasturtiums, verbena and basil have also done well in the greenhouse.

I have grown several different chili peppers -

Skinny - the seed came from the Heritage Seed Library.

This is a tiny pepper but very very hot

Pictured here with an overgrown courgette.

I have also grown a yellow jalapeno and 'Hot Wax'. I grew very little from seed this year as friends have kindly given me plants. Thank you everyone - especially David Grant who gave me lots of lovely sweet peas and veggies

The flower borders are colourful with calendula,

self sown evening primrose,

I have at last managed to grow an echinacea

and Colchicum - another of my favourites

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