Friday, 15 February 2013

This is my first post for a very long time and I will give a quick resume of some of the events of last year!
The Queens Diamond Jubilee was celebrated last June. You have probably read or seen some coverage of the magnificent official events.
There were celebrations all over the country and I think most families were involved in some way.

Guildford Castle Grounds had a stunning display of colourful carpet bedding  celebrating the Jubilee.

I made this cushion to celebrate the Jubilee

and this one to give to a friend who is moving away from London, 

Our daughter Susannah and her husband Jon, who live in Wisconsin, USA celebrated the Jubilee with a tea party for their friends. One of her cats is helping to decorate their home with the Union Jack.

Roger and I and our friend Julie went to the Big Picnic at Hampton Court Palace. The Queen wasn't scheduled to attend but we caught a glimpse of her and the Duke as they drove past Hampton Court on their way to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Epsom Racecourse. The Big Picnic was a great success with over 13,000 people attending. Entry to the gardens was free. Stalls sold delicious food and there were traditional games and races for the children.

Roger and Julie getting ready to enjoy their picnic at Hampton Court Palace

The Jubilee was celebrated in our road with a Big Lunch .
Here is Roger and some of our neighbours

Grandson Bobby enjoyed the party

Son Charles and his wife Maria were thrilled to be able to attend the picnic and concert at Buckingham Palace
Here is Charles at the Palace entrance
Maria collects the picnic hamper

Guildford Institute celebrated with a 1950s tea party

Here are some of the early summer flowers in my garden last year

Here are some of the flowers I saw when I visited the London Squares Open Day last June




My New Years resolution is to be a more frequent blogger!

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